Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hey there,

I'm back to reality! And it sucks!
Maybe it's not so bad, but having a romantic weekend with the man you love and then being pushed back into the office with nothing but memories isn't very pleasant. Expecially when you're aware of the fact that he's 700 kms away again.

Aaaanyway, our weekend was fantastic.
The hotel was both cute and great (but made for small people like me, Gregor is about 1,88 m and hit his head in the shower), we even had free breakfast-in-bed-service.

Paris was freezing and looked so different from the touristy city in summer, but was charming as usual and very special in the winter sun (The view from Montmatre was more breathtaking than ever!).
We saw everything important (I think Gregor still regrets that he took me to the Louvre, but the Egyptian stuff was just sooo cool! Sorry for taking ages there!!! =) and trailed away in the magic streets of Marais and the Quartier Latin...

I even had a very brave day where I was walking (!!! I was so scared! Especially on the way down!) up the Eiffel Tower, tried a snail (Ewww!!!) and Oysters (Yummy!!!).
With my man next to me I'm able to face any of my fears! =)

As soon as I have downloaded the pics, I'll make sure to show you some good ones! Big promise!

Anyway, back to work for now =(
But on the weekend I'll take time to write some more, so see you then!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ginger Snaps Pics

Hey guys and girls,

very quick, just a question: Who knows the movie "Ginger Snaps"?
If you don't, go and watch it right now!!! First half of the movie is great! (Other half ok...)

Anyway, I just came across a blog of a guy who makes pictures like the Ginger-girls.
Hilarious! Watch his blog here: Comin @ ya ded from RI

Good night (this time for real)!


Whoa, just two more days (1 and a half actually) and I'm going to Paris.

Wanna hear something really kitschy? I'll meet my boyfriend there for a romantic weekend celebrating his birthday - and I love it!

We'll stay in the Hôtel Opéra Grands Boulevards, which hopefully is nice.
It looks great on the pictures at least. =)

We haven't made fixed plans yet on what to do in these four days, so we'll just get lost in this beautiful city and enjoy the moments there (IF we're leaving the hotel, haha).

How come every woman I know loves Paris so much? Are we all romantics by heart?
I guess that must be it, because even if I look at the smallest dirtiest street in Paris, I just have to love it. Everything there seems magic.
It'll be the first time I'm there with a boyfriend, so we can enjoy the whole romantic-kitsch-parisian-thing. I'm so glad he's sharing this opinion. =)

Expect a long report on Tuesday!

For now, I just want to wish you a good night and sweet dreams.

PS: Since I probably won't have time to blog tomorrow, I also wish you all a nice weekend.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Losing contacts...

Hey again,

ugh, I was blind AGAIN today.
I jumped into the water (I usually go swimming on Tuesdays), my goggles came off, and suddenly I thought that it wasn't a good idea to have opened my eyes.

OF COURSE I lost one of my contact lenses in the pool. Great.
I decided to go on swimming and met Lukas there, who told me he'll leave in the beginning of March.

That's the bad thing about my job (secretary in an international institute) - people there are coming and going (one of them happens to be my boyfriend)...
It's hard to see your friends leaving after being in the institute for some months or years, and believe me - they're all leaving sooner or later.

I don't know if you ever tried to stay in contact with your "former" friends... never really works, does it?
I'm especially sad about Lukas leaving, who is a good friend and an absolutely fabulous guy all around.
"Beginning of March is sooo soon..." I thought, and Lukas promised he won't just sneak out of my world, but this way or that way - another friend gone, another lost contact...

Monday, January 23, 2006

A Miracle!

Hey there,

you - in front of the computer - I can see you!!!

Finally, I'm able to see again after a whole weekend and blurriness and not-being-able-to-do-a-single-thing.

I didn't tell you yet that I went shopping on Saturday - all by myself. One of the worst experiences ever! After basically diving into the freezer (and then crawling out again to read the prices), I was crawling through the isles hoping that nobody would know me (first, it would have been very embarrassing, second, they might get pissed off when I don't say hello to them).

Well, I crawled back to my flat (hoping not to step in dogshit), and tried to watch TV (I failed miserably). Then I decided to work on my Computer, hard to do, but I managed it! Yeah!

Then luckily Martin stopped by and we cheered each other up.

The next day I had a terrible headache for the whole day (I'm still convinced that it was because of the contact lenses, not the Cuban Rum =), but in the evening I trudged to Martin's appartment, and had a nice dinner and even nicer talking with him.

Today I went to see the optician (finally), and weird but true - I got 2 dioptrins less then the last time, so I actually see better now.
My glasses are ordered now, should be finished in a few days, which should make Gregor the happiest boyfriend in the world (Finally, his own sexy secretary!).

I'm off to my lecture now, SEE you later! (Wohoo!)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Help us - We're bored!

Hello again,

it's half past 4 now, and guess what? I can't sleep!
Since it's sooo late, I obviously can't call anybody...
I also can't watch a movie or play a game, because of an appointment with the optician on Monday I'm not allowed to wear my contact lenses for 48 hours (ouch!), so I have to spend the weekend being a mole (National Geographic, here I come! =).

Anyway, me and my cat are bored, so I'll just spend my time writing a bit.

How do you guys like my blog-template? I'm very proud of it!!!
BTW: I didn't steal an iPod-Poster, that's me up there, just to calm all you copyright-obsessed people out there. =)

Here's a funny picture of Karstadt's pricing system, no wonder they're not doing well.
Check this out:

Hmpf, I'm so bored, I don't even know what to write anymore.
Think I might just try to go to bed with my kittycat.

Good night to all of you,

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Friends... on MoonSoleil

Hey there,

as I promised yesterday, I'm currently collecting quotes from my friends.
They're asked to describe me in some words.

I'm a bit scared, but there's no way back now!

Martin: "Bezaubernd! - Ein Traum." (I'm speechless.)
Akiko: "Open minded - especially about food." (My favorite quote from Akiko: "You can eat everything that's in the air except for planes and helicopters and everything with four legs except for chairs and tables" - Any questions?)
Samir: "Knackig, zackig, gut!" (Typically Samir.)
Gregor: "If you were me then she'd be perfect for you!" (I love you too, Engel.)
"She's my lobster!" (And you're mine - I could eat you up!)

So much for today, the interview are going on, I'll keep you updated about comments like these.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello World!

Wow, I finally did it.
Everybody has a blog so I thought "Why shouldn't I?!"... well well, and here we are.

This will also be a surprise for my boyfriend living in England. "Hey Schatz! I got a blog!!!"

Oh, mentioning my boyfriend, I should maybe start the whole thing introducing myself... how rude of me...

My name is Conny, I'm living in Germany and I study Information Science.
That's about it. Questions?
No, I'm joking, it's just always hard to tell things about yourself... my first task for tomorrow is asking people to describe me. I'll post the comments here. If you want to publish something yourselves, you're very welcome to!

BTW: I'm not sure if I'll post in English all the time, so don't be shocked if there's some German stuff in between.

I'll catch you later guys, I'm off to bed for today.
Nighty night and lots of love from