Thursday, May 25, 2006

SMS to God

Hmm, have you ever wondered why God isn't answering your prayers? I found out the reason today... he's just too busy answering the text massages... =)

This ticker stands next to Johanneskirche in Saarbrücken. You can send SMS from the church, that will be displayed outside. By the way, the Katholikentag 2006 (Catholics Day 2006) is hosted in Saarbrücken at the moment, that's why the SMS-service to God was introduced.
To be fair, I'm quite dissapointed... where's the Hallelujah-ringtone of the month, the Amen-SMS-sound or the animated-farting-Jesus-video? Maybe that would be a way to get the money they obviously urgently need... =)

Friday, May 19, 2006

I can't wait!!!

When I was in the cinema with my best friend, I saw this biiig box with the new X-Men-poster and a countdown... I can't wait for the remaining days to pass, so I can finally see Wolvie and the others in action again.
It's a shame that the trilogy will be ending with this movie, I wouldn't mind if they'd make a million more, but I guess that's Hollywood. Maybe it's even better this way, because I'd be sooo dissappointed when they'd mess up this fabulous series of movies. =)

Monday, May 08, 2006

More Football Shopping Madness

Hey there, I've been shopping again, here's what I found this time... I still think it's hilarious!!! =)

Brise scented candle.

Toffifee chocolates... yummy!

Sports Deodorant... of course! =)

Finally there's a politically correct way of having "Negerküsse".

FIFA Champagne.

A small eleven-pack of liqueur.

Toblerone looks funny.

Football minispray surprisingly smelling of peach, not sweat. =)

Football wine, of course...

Cereals... (they're actually really good!)

Peanut Flips football.

Ooooh, cute, a lion's cake! =)

Aha! Nutella has a special edition now, it's the form of a football. I knew it!!!

And some more chocolate... Milka has a football mix.