Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hey there,

I'm back to reality! And it sucks!
Maybe it's not so bad, but having a romantic weekend with the man you love and then being pushed back into the office with nothing but memories isn't very pleasant. Expecially when you're aware of the fact that he's 700 kms away again.

Aaaanyway, our weekend was fantastic.
The hotel was both cute and great (but made for small people like me, Gregor is about 1,88 m and hit his head in the shower), we even had free breakfast-in-bed-service.

Paris was freezing and looked so different from the touristy city in summer, but was charming as usual and very special in the winter sun (The view from Montmatre was more breathtaking than ever!).
We saw everything important (I think Gregor still regrets that he took me to the Louvre, but the Egyptian stuff was just sooo cool! Sorry for taking ages there!!! =) and trailed away in the magic streets of Marais and the Quartier Latin...

I even had a very brave day where I was walking (!!! I was so scared! Especially on the way down!) up the Eiffel Tower, tried a snail (Ewww!!!) and Oysters (Yummy!!!).
With my man next to me I'm able to face any of my fears! =)

As soon as I have downloaded the pics, I'll make sure to show you some good ones! Big promise!

Anyway, back to work for now =(
But on the weekend I'll take time to write some more, so see you then!



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