Tuesday, June 20, 2006

PS. I love you

Oh my, I just finished one of the most heart-warming books in the world...
PS. I love you is the writing of Irish writer Cecelia Ahern, and is far more than chick lit like some friends called it.
The book is about coping with the death of beloved ones, finding new strength and slightly letting go without forgetting about them. You'll finish the book quickly, but it'll probably stay with you for a long time.
You cry and laugh with Holly, the main chracter who lost her husband Gerry, you'd like to cheer her up when she is down and you want to celebrate whenever she had a good day.
Holly was left a series of letters from her husband, preparing her for new time alone, helping her through the worst months without him.

It's a great book that I highly recommend to anyone out there, and if you still think it's chick lit, so be it. Wrap it in the Financial Times and read it secretly, just don't ask me how to explain why you're crying over it to your neighbours on the bus...