Friday, March 31, 2006


Dear World - I want to thank you for my friends!

I was almost tempted to do work... almost... but thanks to Vird's recent blog entry, I found that it was time to make a nice South Park figure of myself! =)

Wow, I'm brilliant! Hihihihi... =) That looks exactly like me (or maybe what I want to look like).

Well, back to work now, if nobody has a better suggestion.

Oh no, they (probably my co-workers) killed... MoonSoleil

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's getting serious!

Wohoooo, my decision on finding the perfect digital camera for me is (ALMOST) made...
It's (most) definitelty going to be a Casio Exilim. Either the S600 or the Z600.

Both very nice, very small and slim and about the same price.

It's just hard to decide for one, because the specifications are almost the same, except the S600 takes movies in MPG4-quality and therewith compresses them much better then the Z600 (S600 can fit about 1 hour on 1 GB, Z600 only 15 min). Therefore, the Z600 has a bright screen of 2,7" - WOW! The S600 only has 2,2".

Both are available in nice colours though, I think I'll go for blue, no matter which camera it will be. Both are extremely stylish and soooo nice to look at... =)

Well, if anyone of you should have recommendations are knows how to choose between them, please let me know!

(ALMOST) shooting,

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Liar, Liar

Oh no, I'm such a liar!
I didn't blog as fast as I wanted again, to be fair and to my excuse, I just didn't have the time.

I have to write a paper, and did lots of avoidance-cleaning in my appartment on the weekend.
Luckily, my friends also supported my evil avoidance plans, so we went to the cinema together (Inside Man - gooood movie) and yesterday Hitoshi cooked a wonderful Japanese meal for Olli and me.

Who would think of writing a paper or blogging then? =)

Anyway, you've been spared long enough, so this time I want to show you some nice pictures of my kittycat...


Friday, March 24, 2006

Long time no... blog!

Hey World,

I think I spared you long enough from my unqualified comments, so finally, here's a new entry about... nothing, really... =)

Here's some things that made me happy recently: Gregor was here (yippie yippie) and brought me an iPod shuffle for my birthday (Finally I belong to the cool crowd, too!), PS3-games will be region-free (that means lots of funky Japanese games on my future console), I now have enough money to buy a digital camera (no idea which one yet) and a new mobile (milk-accident with the old one). But one of the best things is that my surprisingly surprising boyfriend booked a cottage in Cornwall for us... we'll be there on Easter for whole 4 days!!! (I'll post some pictures that I'll take with my new camera) =)))

Some things were baaad: Gregor left Saarbrücken again (sniff), I had (and still have) a cold (again!), I'm still addicted to chick's lit (no, actually that's a fun thing =), I didn't blog for aaages...

I don't want to depress you, so I'll leave that section without mentioning the REALLY depressing stuff.

Anyway... world, I missed you, so believe me, you'll read more of me - maybe even today!

Watch out for more blogging,

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Birthday Wishes...

Argh, everybody keeps asking me: "What is your birthday wish?"

OK, here's a list of things that I think I'd fancy:
  • ... (nope, no idea)
And here's what I really want:
  • Living close to my boyfriend
  • No wrinkles (never ever...)
  • That my hair accepts henna colour again (oh, no blond roots anymore!)
  • Not to get older... =)
There you go, it's decided. *evilgrin*

MoonSoleil - doesn't try to be mean but really has no idea what to wish for

PS: Oh yes, I forgot to mention... I got birthday on Friday...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Legend in Saarbrücken

Wooooow - Vint Cerf was in Saarbrücken on Friday.
What? Did I hear "Who the hell 's that?"??? Hello?! Vint Cerf was one of the developers of what you're using just now to see this site! No, not your eyes, dumbass! THE INTERNET!

Vint Cerf was already working on the ARPANET, the first packet switching computer network. He is responsible for developing things like the TCP/IP-protocol. He is current Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google. He was given tons of awards and overall... seems a really cool guy!

Anyway, this legend was here (everyone was awestruck). In one of the crappiest lecture halls that we have: the mathematics lecture hall 001 at Saarbrücken campus.
But Vint coped. And he talked. And talked, and talked, and talked (overall an impressive two hours).

He spoke about "Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century", e.g. explicating his idea of an InterPlaNetary internet and achievements of google and useful things like internet-enabled socks. =)
I like his Question-Answer-part in the end the most, because the questions were relevant, and his answers to the point. It was great that an information scientist had the opportunity to ask about Vint's view of the importance of information science in combination with computer science (Did I mention that I'm an information scientist?). Vint said that due to the analytical theories made in computer science (Where is the science in computer science?), computer scientists don't really have an understanding of information theory. He sees huge developing opportunities for both information and computer scientists. (YEAH! Did I also mention that the Saarland university decided to stop this study course here?)

I scribbled down lots of notes, so when I'm sorting them out, I'll blog some more of his opinions, but this one was really important to me, since it shows the stupidity of this university.

So far so good, so much for now.

It was a very impressive talk and I'm glad to have joined it.

Best wishes,

Friday, March 10, 2006

Part-time Partners...

Hey all you long-distance-relationship-partners out there,

you know what I'm talking about...
There you go, you found the love of your life, and he lives in another city, country, maybe even continent. And you're... well... here.

As soon as you visit each other, everything is perfect.
Every minute, even second is precious, and you feel great - for 5 days or so. And then? You're thrown back into reality, all-day life without HIM.
Suddenly it feels awkward to go out with your couple-friends. Let's see: "Do wanna go to the cinema tonight? Jushua & Tanja are coming, Louise & Peter, Sandy & Stephan, ... Would you (singular!) like to join?" - "Well, I'd rather noooot. Thanks anyway."
Things like that were fine some days ago when HE was there, but now you suddenly feel terrible, all alone, and get sick of couply couples.

So you end up spending more time with your single friends, feels much nicer. Why? Because you're not just a part-time partner, you're also a part-time single. Let's face the truth: You're a single WITH a partner.
That means you're longing to be loved like they are, too, but you need that special person. HIM, and nobody else. (That means no chatting somebody up in a bar, limited flirting and a constant thinking of "Wouldn't it be nice if HE was here?")

Well, I don't want to complain, of course you're lucky to have found that special somebody, other people will search their whole life for somebody like that.
And it's awesome when you get little gifts (Whoopee! Got a package last week!) and mails and phone calls... and to fall in love with HIM... every single time you see HIM you realise how wonderful this relationship is, and how worth it is to fight for it.

Still, it's hard. Why? You don't get a hug when you need one, you don't get a kiss when you want one... There are lots of small things happening over the day and you can't remember all of them on the phone in the evening. And HE can't be a part of it...
Ugh, it's all tough, but always remember why you're doing it: Because you love HIM. It sounds very soppy, I know. But seriously, that's the reason why you're doing all this. And why you're strong enough to go through this.

I hope for all of you that you have supportive friends and families that help you through the hard times without HIM.

Only a few nights alone now... =)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cutest Hamster EVER!

Hey guys, please look at this:


Thanks Tobi for showing that to me...

Arena Advert

Hey there,

as you will see, what I wear is what I like...
I bought an Arena swimsuit 2 days agao, and could finally try it in the water today.
It's perrrfect! Speedy Gonzales underwater! (Poor drowning mouse)

Aaaanyway, I don't mind advertising for them, because the product I've bought is excellent.
Apart from that, their TV spot is hilarious.

There you go, another company that should pay me for advertising for them... =)


Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar time - doodoodoodoodoodoodoo - Oscar time!!!

Oh no! It's over again!

The wonderful glorious Oscar night, my staying-in-my-duvet-eating-chips laughing-and-crying-with-the-winners-tv-night (and falling-asleep-at-work-the-next-day) is already over!!! What a shame!

I don't want to give you a summary like you can find millions on the net, therefore I'll give you my personal high- and lowlights, as well as best- and worst-dressed celebrities... (and whatever else is coming into my mind):

My personal HIGHLIGHTS:
  • Will Farrell and Steve Carell presenting the Oscar for 'Achievement in Make-Up' - I think these both guys were wearing the best make-up I've ever seen!!! (especially Steve's fake eyelashes)
  • Ben Stiller - the flying head - in his green overall (totally invisible =)
  • The March of the Penguins - Winner in the category 'documentary' (one of the best movies EVER)
My personal LOWLIGHT:
  • Winner of the category 'Song': "It's hard out here for a pimp" from the movie Hustle&Flow - WHAT?!?!?! (That was probably even one of the worst and most boring songs I've ever heard!!!)
My personal opinion on the BEST-DRESSED FEMALES:
  • Uma Thurman (like a Greek beauty, I think I've never seen her THAT beautiful before)
  • Salma Hayek (WOW as usual)
  • Keira Knightley (Quote from the E!-reporter: "She's on the screen, and everybody in the studio is just goo-goo-ga-ga") - also: She's strawberry blond now! (Like me, like me, like me [originally, ahem] !!!)
My personal opinion on the BEST-DRESSED MALES:
  • Ludacris was wearing a niiiice suit (but again quoting one of the E!-reporters: "My, darling, what cute little diamond earrings you have there! Divine!" - I think that might be a sentence the rapper has never heard before.)
  • George Clooney, Keanu Reeves and Matt Dillon were sexy as usual, but had one huge flaw: they were all wearing bow-ties... (Why, why oh world did you invent these terrible pieces of clothing? Eeeewww!!!) - therefore...
  • My award for the nicest tuxedos goes to the Plush Penguins from March of the Penguins =)

All in all, I have to say that I missed lots of the "usual suspects", like Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Tom Cruise and so on... (but a man who never dissapoints me was Jack Nicholson, who as always occupied his seat in the first row).
Also, Jon Stewart who hosted the show this year, wasn't too good. He was funny and sarcastic, but I've seen better. (But the introduction movie was one of the best ones ever!)

I loved the stage in the shape of an old movie theatre though, it was very well done!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to next year's Oscars, just (just?!?!) one more year and I'll sing "Oscar time - doodoodoodoodoodoodoo - Oscar time" again...

Greetings to all you movie freaks out there,

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Support under any circumstances!

Guess what?
I know the worlds' happiest (male or lesbian) scientists!

Scientists from Edinburgh University and Portsmouth University joined to devellop a new sports bra model. Doesn't sound like fun yet?
Well, they actually did 3D-models of... ahem... er... (how to say?)... well... WOBBLING BOOBS!

They also develloped the great BOUNCE-O-METER to show their results to the world. With this flash animation you can enter your (or your preferred) breast size (up to G!!!) and your preferred activity (for very visible results, I recommend MEDIUM/HIGH), then you will get animations of these breasts without bra, with normal bra and the new shockabsorber.

Don't get me wrong, I'm already totally convinced of their product, but I still think it's weird when you come home after work and tell your wife that you're dizzy of all the wobbling boobies at work today.

If you want to learn more about their work, please go here.

Anyway, cool bra, cooler job!

Don't get dizzy,

-> Found at BoingBoing

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back to the Past: Michael Jackson for Pepsi

Ah, isn't it nice how you discover things from your childhood from time to time?
Only, I was probably too young to see that one on TV, plus I'm originally from East Germany, we didn't even know what Pepsi is...

Anyway, a nice spot and definitely the time when Michael Jackson was the Super-Über-Mega-Star of the world.
Check out the Michael Jackson 80's Pepsi Spot!!!


-> via ***C-REEL***

Boyband of the year!

I found this in a blog, and I have to tell you... I love it!
Saw it without sound first, it's almost funnier then.

In my opinion, they should win the boyband of the year-award!

Keeping my fingers crossed,

-> via xargon's Den: The Chinese are coming!