Friday, March 30, 2007

Single Extreme!

Long time no post, but today there's definitely something to write about.

I went to the cinema today (not spectacular).
I wanted to watch Music and Lyrics (I love Hugh Grant, no big deal there.)
None of my friends came, so I decided to go alone (first time of my life, but still not that viewy).
BUT - and here's the BIG FAT BUT: I was all alone in the cinema!!! ALOOOONE!!!

Again I went to see a romantic movie made for couples, and I did not just go alone into the cinema, but I had a huge movie theatre all to myself.

The biggest surprise for me was that it actually didn't feel bad - the movie was excellent and really really funny, and having a whole cinema to yourself is actually not that bad - just really weird.

So, just got home, and believe me - I was never that happy to see my cat before... =)

Question: Did you ever have a single extreme night?