Friday, September 29, 2006

Patrick - there I was!

Oooohhh, it's already over! I did my little trip to London (travelling time equals time of my stay there =) on September 27th to watch Guys and Dolls (and more importantly, Patrick Swayze).
It was amazing!!!

Before the matinée show, I asked if Patrick would come out to give some autographs at some point, and the staff just told me to wait at the theatre exit after the show... no problem! So I was waiting with a little bunch of mabe 30 people for him to come out (we waited for about 70 minutes) - and it was totally worth it!
He took some time to talk to us, telling us a bout the prolongiation of his contract with the theatre (he could have mentioned that earlier, then I would have had a more relaxed trip =) and how he loves starring in the show and being in London.
He went to shake some people's hands (yes, mine too... such nice and warm hands!) and went back in to the theatre again.
Patrick usually isn't allowed to write autographs there, because the street would be crowded and people could get hurt by the cars (that's what the security told me).

At 7.30 p.m. I went to see the show, and it was fabulous. Excellent cast, great songs and dancing. (I won't say any more, go and watch it for yourselves! =)

After the evening show, I went back to the place where Patrick came out before. This time, there were less fans... so we waited for an hour or so, until he came out again. He only had time for 2 and a half minutes, so he basically said the same things like in the afternoon and shook hands. One girl asked, if he couldn't sign her book, and may it be the guilty conscience for not having much time or just the fact that we weren't so many people, but he decided to sign some flyers... Again, I was lucky to get one with two more handshakes. Then he rushed back into the theatre.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture together with him, which was a bit of a shame. Maybe next time... =)
First, I'll have to go and sleep some more. Good night!

I've put some pictures on my picture blog, so have a look!!!


At 8:38 am, Blogger Kala said...

how far is it from Germany to London? That is so awesome you get to go to another country without taking a plane!

At 7:15 pm, Blogger tr3nta said...

wonderfull your weid world... ;)


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