Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Losing contacts...

Hey again,

ugh, I was blind AGAIN today.
I jumped into the water (I usually go swimming on Tuesdays), my goggles came off, and suddenly I thought that it wasn't a good idea to have opened my eyes.

OF COURSE I lost one of my contact lenses in the pool. Great.
I decided to go on swimming and met Lukas there, who told me he'll leave in the beginning of March.

That's the bad thing about my job (secretary in an international institute) - people there are coming and going (one of them happens to be my boyfriend)...
It's hard to see your friends leaving after being in the institute for some months or years, and believe me - they're all leaving sooner or later.

I don't know if you ever tried to stay in contact with your "former" friends... never really works, does it?
I'm especially sad about Lukas leaving, who is a good friend and an absolutely fabulous guy all around.
"Beginning of March is sooo soon..." I thought, and Lukas promised he won't just sneak out of my world, but this way or that way - another friend gone, another lost contact...


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