Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello World!

Wow, I finally did it.
Everybody has a blog so I thought "Why shouldn't I?!"... well well, and here we are.

This will also be a surprise for my boyfriend living in England. "Hey Schatz! I got a blog!!!"

Oh, mentioning my boyfriend, I should maybe start the whole thing introducing myself... how rude of me...

My name is Conny, I'm living in Germany and I study Information Science.
That's about it. Questions?
No, I'm joking, it's just always hard to tell things about yourself... my first task for tomorrow is asking people to describe me. I'll post the comments here. If you want to publish something yourselves, you're very welcome to!

BTW: I'm not sure if I'll post in English all the time, so don't be shocked if there's some German stuff in between.

I'll catch you later guys, I'm off to bed for today.
Nighty night and lots of love from



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