Monday, January 23, 2006

A Miracle!

Hey there,

you - in front of the computer - I can see you!!!

Finally, I'm able to see again after a whole weekend and blurriness and not-being-able-to-do-a-single-thing.

I didn't tell you yet that I went shopping on Saturday - all by myself. One of the worst experiences ever! After basically diving into the freezer (and then crawling out again to read the prices), I was crawling through the isles hoping that nobody would know me (first, it would have been very embarrassing, second, they might get pissed off when I don't say hello to them).

Well, I crawled back to my flat (hoping not to step in dogshit), and tried to watch TV (I failed miserably). Then I decided to work on my Computer, hard to do, but I managed it! Yeah!

Then luckily Martin stopped by and we cheered each other up.

The next day I had a terrible headache for the whole day (I'm still convinced that it was because of the contact lenses, not the Cuban Rum =), but in the evening I trudged to Martin's appartment, and had a nice dinner and even nicer talking with him.

Today I went to see the optician (finally), and weird but true - I got 2 dioptrins less then the last time, so I actually see better now.
My glasses are ordered now, should be finished in a few days, which should make Gregor the happiest boyfriend in the world (Finally, his own sexy secretary!).

I'm off to my lecture now, SEE you later! (Wohoo!)


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