Saturday, January 21, 2006

Friends... on MoonSoleil

Hey there,

as I promised yesterday, I'm currently collecting quotes from my friends.
They're asked to describe me in some words.

I'm a bit scared, but there's no way back now!

Martin: "Bezaubernd! - Ein Traum." (I'm speechless.)
Akiko: "Open minded - especially about food." (My favorite quote from Akiko: "You can eat everything that's in the air except for planes and helicopters and everything with four legs except for chairs and tables" - Any questions?)
Samir: "Knackig, zackig, gut!" (Typically Samir.)
Gregor: "If you were me then she'd be perfect for you!" (I love you too, Engel.)
"She's my lobster!" (And you're mine - I could eat you up!)

So much for today, the interview are going on, I'll keep you updated about comments like these.


At 12:26 am, Blogger Sparkler said...

Alternative quote:
"Most beautiful blonde in the world"

That'll probably get me killed... I love you Schatz!


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