Friday, March 30, 2007

Single Extreme!

Long time no post, but today there's definitely something to write about.

I went to the cinema today (not spectacular).
I wanted to watch Music and Lyrics (I love Hugh Grant, no big deal there.)
None of my friends came, so I decided to go alone (first time of my life, but still not that viewy).
BUT - and here's the BIG FAT BUT: I was all alone in the cinema!!! ALOOOONE!!!

Again I went to see a romantic movie made for couples, and I did not just go alone into the cinema, but I had a huge movie theatre all to myself.

The biggest surprise for me was that it actually didn't feel bad - the movie was excellent and really really funny, and having a whole cinema to yourself is actually not that bad - just really weird.

So, just got home, and believe me - I was never that happy to see my cat before... =)

Question: Did you ever have a single extreme night?


At 12:45 pm, Anonymous Sebastian said...


ein sehr schönes Blog, auch das mit den Fotos gefällt mir echt gut! Und ich dachte hier in SB gäbe es so etwas noch nicht. Sehr schön !!! Und auch noch jemand aus dem TaeKwonDo ;).

At 10:10 pm, Blogger MoonSoleil said...

Hey, danke für das liebe Kompliment! Gib Dich doch das nächste Mal im Training zu erkennen, ich weiß von den meisten doch die Namen noch nicht... =)

At 11:45 am, Blogger Kala said...

sometimes its jus nice to be alone - I like alone time =) but i do find it unusual that on a friday night no one went to the movie theatre - where was everyone/ it must have been an erie feeling

At 12:16 pm, Anonymous Pido said...

i love my owner!!! *meeeooooooow*

At 3:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love it. i've gone to movie theatre with just family or friends with basically 95% of seats empty before. It's more peaceful and serene, A?
Watch out for flying dogs!

Love to hear languages other than English. Reading them is more strange for me.


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