Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cute Cute Stupid Animal

I was just reminded of the probably cutest and most stupid (which makes it even cuter) animal in the world again, after seeing this entry in St. Kilda's Daily Picture Blog.
In Münster (located in Westphalia, in the North-West of Germany) lives an adorable little black swan that madly fell in love with a large paddle boat shaped like a white swan.
He cries for her love, but she can't answer... a classic romantic tragedy.

The little guy is quite famous in Germany, even has his own Wiki-entry... and the WDR, a local broadcast station has a long online article including nice pictures. Please have a look, it's just too cute! =)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Meeting my Childhood Hero

Ooooh, wow! Most of you won't know him, but believe me, meeting this man on a party in Munich felt like meeting Micky Mouse to some of you.
His name is Jean Pütz, he was a German television host for not less then 35 years. His most famous show was the "Hobbythek", a DIY-show giving tips how to achieve a healthy and eco-friendly life.
I'm sure lots of the German readers are now jealous... a shame that he was so drunk he probably can't remember a single second of this meeting... =)))