Saturday, April 29, 2006

Football Shopping Madness

As many of you will know, Germany will host the FIFA World Cup in 41 days.
I went shopping today, had my camera with me, and thought I'll give you an impression of what shopping in football-country is like at the moment.

As you will see, they try to put football-logos and competitions on basically everything at the moment... Maybe some German Photo Bloggers want to extend that list with me?

Duplo by Kinder gives away outfits...

Maggie has new soups. The noodles are shaped like footballs and football fields.

Handkerchiefs by Zewa.

Kleenex kitchen towels.

Actually, I was a bit disappointed by Nutella. I thought they would go for a bigger advertisement. Still 41 days to go, they might still give us a special edition.

Ritter Sport looks funky now.

Haribo doesn't just have football gums, they even have an international slogan now.

Chio and Oddset give away tickets.

Müller Corner looks also like a world champion now.

Cereal stars Tony and (whatever the frog is called) in their football-outfits.

Prinzenrolle cookies with a football print.

Langnaese sells a 5er set of icecream with football-related names.

World champion antipasti. =)

Football toilet paper (!)

This one is even better, it comes with football quiz questions that are printed on the toilet paper.

My absolute favourite!!!
Football condoms (!!!) with one extra condom for the free kick (Freistoß). Hahaha!!!

Additionally to all those products there are also some of those displays, where you can buy merchandise like CDs, T-Shirts, dishes...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Muschi Muschi Muschi (or the strangest party ever)

Look look, what I saw at an advertising pillar on Saarbrücken Campus today.
Some inviting posters to the "Muschi Klub" (Pussy Club) at the Atomic (Night-)Club in Saarbrücken.

I was so fascinated by the concept of the party that I thought it's definitely worth a blog entry... Here we go:

From 10 pm to 1 pm the party is a girl's only party... girls will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine to hear some nice dance beats and see some naked guys (or what else do you think is the "special animation" at a girl's party) - for two Euros only!
So far so good (and I still like the concept)...

AFTER 1 am guys are allowed to enter the nightclub. Well, guess what they'll find there? A bunch of drunken girls that were just so sexed up they'd probably shag everything that kind of looks like a man (and still: great concept - for both sexes!).

Why? How can a girl like this concept?! Especially with the big red banner on the poster saying "Atomic Club discriminates" (Men or women? I'm not thaaat sure here.)!

Well, I just think it's a great concept to finally lock the very desperate all together in one room, get them so pissed they won't even know where they are, play some "I wanna f*** you in the a**" (Come on, you know the song!), and there you go - 500 people having the best night for ages.

A shame though they won't be able to remember the day after!!!
(And all she left me was a dirty bathroom... =)

Passed Exam, Killed 20 Zombies!

Hello everyone,

In case you're interested (and who cares if you're not =)... I PASSED MY EXAM!!!
Yippie yippie, hooray hooray!!! =)))

That wasn't the only success for the day though.
Since it was Vird's birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday again!), my best friend (his brother necrotech) and I got him the Zombies!!!-game from his blog wishlist.

The game board with loads of zombies on it... (I'm the red player.)

Vird, micanopy, necrotech and I just played for about 3 hours until 2 am (ouch!), and I won!!! ME! (who never wins any game at all!) - and I took a hell lot of risks! Goal of the game was to either to enter a helicopter landing spot with 9 zombies on it (that's hard) or to kill 20 zombies (that's harder)... I somehow magically managed to win by killing the 20 undead, with one last life left for the last four of them!
Yippie yippie, hooray hooray again!!! =)))

Winner's pose for my figure with only one live left and the 20 killed zombies. Har-har!

OK, but now I'm really off to bed, all the studying for the exam and the massacre made me tired... =)

Sweet dreams,

Monday, April 24, 2006

Can you cuddle THAT for 5 min?!

Stress, stress, stress...
I'm having my intermediate examination in information science tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my cat is not very supportive...
So if there's someone out there who would want to cuddle my kitty for a while, please come here... =)

Goodnight, and good luck (for me)

PS: That's (the exam, not the cat) the reason why I didn't have time to write about our trip to Cornwall yet... sorry!!! Will do so soon. Promise!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back from my holidays

Hey everyone,

did you miss me?
Really? - Yeah, thought so...

Anyway, I was away for a whole week with my somebunny special for an Easter holiday.
We've been to Cornwall in England to check out the Eden Project, The Lost Gardens of Heligan and several nice beaches there. On the way back to Guildford, we visited the Brownsea Island (or Squirrel Island in my words) close to Poole.

[No, unfortunately I didn't take this picture... You'd think the squirrels would pose for the visitors, right? Wrong! (I should have brought nuts, I should have brought nuts!) ... took a great picture of a tail though!]

It was sooo great that we have around 800 pictures together... I'll post some here as soon as I've sorted them all out.

Additionally, I'll start a new PhotoBlog soon, where you can see some more pics of this trip and anything else that seems interesting to me and/or my camera. =)

So stay tuned, pictures and detailed reports will follow soon.

Happy belated Easter,

Thursday, April 06, 2006

WWW: World's Weirdest Watch

Hmm, well there's something weird for you...

I don't consider myself extraordinarily slow or not capable of thinking fast (and speaking faster =), but sometimes there are moments where you just want to know the time... in this very second, without thinking involved.

Well, Japan, the land where everything (electronic) is possible, gave us a new watch that you actually need an explanation for.
It looks quite cool, to be honest, but how long will it take the owner to answer the question "Sorry Sir, what time is it?"?

"Why?" - do you really want to know? Then try making any sense of the time shown on the watches below:

Yeeeees... Riiiight... O-K... Erm... WHAT?
Yup, that's exactly what I thought. Thankfully, here's an explanation:

The manufacturing company, SeaHope, has other weird models on their website, take a look to find out... =)))

BTW: It's two blocks, two blocks, nine blocks now.

-> via TokyoTimes


If you're a gamer playing Nintendo, you probably know their VIP-programme.
You buy any Nintendo game, you'll get 250 "stars" (=bonus points) for it, 1000 for consoles.

Why do I bother you with this?
Because you can buy nice things with your bonus points... starting with Nintendo screensavers and desktop images, you can get T-Shirts and basecaps for lots of points (around 3000).

Well, thanks to Pascal, Maria and Tobi who gave me 3 vouchers for 250 points each, I suddenly had 4315 points today... and I guess what? After collecting them for 3 years, I finally spent them! On a cute little Nintendogs-bag! Yippie!!!

Look at it, isn't it... divine?

Well, I'm sure I'll get in serious trouble with my sisters (both 7 years old), who'll try to get that thing off me, but NO CHANCE! It's mine and I'll love it (guess I already do)!
[Did I mention that one of my sisters will get a new DS Lite after giving away her Gameboy Advance to some random girl as a gift?! Are we a little spoiled here?]

Anyway, Nintendo please hurry (just got my order confirmed... it might take up to 28 days for the delivery... WHAT?!) and send me my doggy-bag (HAHA).

Greetings to all you adults out there! I'll never grow up! Ne-ne-ne-ne-nee-neeee!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My new toy!

Hey everyone,

may I introduce? My new electronic toy, the Casio Exilim EX-Z600!!!
It did arrive today, test-pictures have been made, and I have to tell you, that little thing already blows my mind. It's small, cute, has a huge screen, and takes excellent pictures!!!

Well, before I can show you some nice proving pictures of what the camera actually can do, I'll give you some pictures of the camera itself:

Watch out - or I'll take a picture of you!!!
MoonSoleil =)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Zombie Park...

Hey there,

following Vird's call for living dead South Park creatures, I made this cute little Corpse Bride. =)