Thursday, April 06, 2006


If you're a gamer playing Nintendo, you probably know their VIP-programme.
You buy any Nintendo game, you'll get 250 "stars" (=bonus points) for it, 1000 for consoles.

Why do I bother you with this?
Because you can buy nice things with your bonus points... starting with Nintendo screensavers and desktop images, you can get T-Shirts and basecaps for lots of points (around 3000).

Well, thanks to Pascal, Maria and Tobi who gave me 3 vouchers for 250 points each, I suddenly had 4315 points today... and I guess what? After collecting them for 3 years, I finally spent them! On a cute little Nintendogs-bag! Yippie!!!

Look at it, isn't it... divine?

Well, I'm sure I'll get in serious trouble with my sisters (both 7 years old), who'll try to get that thing off me, but NO CHANCE! It's mine and I'll love it (guess I already do)!
[Did I mention that one of my sisters will get a new DS Lite after giving away her Gameboy Advance to some random girl as a gift?! Are we a little spoiled here?]

Anyway, Nintendo please hurry (just got my order confirmed... it might take up to 28 days for the delivery... WHAT?!) and send me my doggy-bag (HAHA).

Greetings to all you adults out there! I'll never grow up! Ne-ne-ne-ne-nee-neeee!


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