Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Passed Exam, Killed 20 Zombies!

Hello everyone,

In case you're interested (and who cares if you're not =)... I PASSED MY EXAM!!!
Yippie yippie, hooray hooray!!! =)))

That wasn't the only success for the day though.
Since it was Vird's birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday again!), my best friend (his brother necrotech) and I got him the Zombies!!!-game from his blog wishlist.

The game board with loads of zombies on it... (I'm the red player.)

Vird, micanopy, necrotech and I just played for about 3 hours until 2 am (ouch!), and I won!!! ME! (who never wins any game at all!) - and I took a hell lot of risks! Goal of the game was to either to enter a helicopter landing spot with 9 zombies on it (that's hard) or to kill 20 zombies (that's harder)... I somehow magically managed to win by killing the 20 undead, with one last life left for the last four of them!
Yippie yippie, hooray hooray again!!! =)))

Winner's pose for my figure with only one live left and the 20 killed zombies. Har-har!

OK, but now I'm really off to bed, all the studying for the exam and the massacre made me tired... =)

Sweet dreams,


At 3:40 pm, Blogger Kala said...

congrats on the exam :)

Those toy thingies reminds me of the toy soldiers i used to play with as a kid - ahhh such sweet memories when math exam questions merely involved 2 + 2. Now, its like 2 + the differential integral of the pathagorean therom of 2! How did life get so complicated. Sleep well!

At 9:05 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Oh, I have to get this game!!!
I'm writing a book about zombies (a funny book)


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