Saturday, April 29, 2006

Football Shopping Madness

As many of you will know, Germany will host the FIFA World Cup in 41 days.
I went shopping today, had my camera with me, and thought I'll give you an impression of what shopping in football-country is like at the moment.

As you will see, they try to put football-logos and competitions on basically everything at the moment... Maybe some German Photo Bloggers want to extend that list with me?

Duplo by Kinder gives away outfits...

Maggie has new soups. The noodles are shaped like footballs and football fields.

Handkerchiefs by Zewa.

Kleenex kitchen towels.

Actually, I was a bit disappointed by Nutella. I thought they would go for a bigger advertisement. Still 41 days to go, they might still give us a special edition.

Ritter Sport looks funky now.

Haribo doesn't just have football gums, they even have an international slogan now.

Chio and Oddset give away tickets.

Müller Corner looks also like a world champion now.

Cereal stars Tony and (whatever the frog is called) in their football-outfits.

Prinzenrolle cookies with a football print.

Langnaese sells a 5er set of icecream with football-related names.

World champion antipasti. =)

Football toilet paper (!)

This one is even better, it comes with football quiz questions that are printed on the toilet paper.

My absolute favourite!!!
Football condoms (!!!) with one extra condom for the free kick (Freistoß). Hahaha!!!

Additionally to all those products there are also some of those displays, where you can buy merchandise like CDs, T-Shirts, dishes...


At 4:21 am, Blogger nebel said...

That's strange, I hadn't seen (or noticed) any of these before! There were some (vaguely) football-related stands in front of some stores (Telekom, I think) but they didn't look interesting enough (for me, anyway) to photograph.

I guess I'm still in denial about this whole world cup thing...

At 5:56 am, Blogger Louise said...

I think I will go and look closely in our supermarket. I don't expect we have anything like this- I am particularly interested in toilet paper with a quiz on it! the mind boggles.

At 2:19 pm, Blogger Kala said...

that is the craziest zaniest soccer mania ever - but then again, how often does a country get to hold the biggest sporting event in the world? I'm glad Germany is hosting this joyous event that I am getting a better appreciation for with all the photo blogs from Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and other euro countries. Thanks for taking the time to take all those pics - I will hopefully post my lie pics tonight after I get home from school and work! Have a great May Day!!

At 2:20 pm, Blogger Kala said...

that was a funny typo error - lei not lie - being the perfectionist, I just had to correct that :P

At 9:06 pm, Blogger Sam said...

LOL about the football logos all over everything!
I was at the airport the other day - and the Luftansa planes have a big soccer ball painted on their noses!!

At 8:30 am, Blogger nebel said...

Oh, by the way, watching Family Guy this weekend reminded me that the Smacks frog, at least in the US, is called Dig 'Em!

At 5:00 pm, Anonymous andreas said...

Freistoss-Condom ist nicht ihr Ernst. Was für ein Wort.


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