Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Muschi Muschi Muschi (or the strangest party ever)

Look look, what I saw at an advertising pillar on Saarbrücken Campus today.
Some inviting posters to the "Muschi Klub" (Pussy Club) at the Atomic (Night-)Club in Saarbrücken.

I was so fascinated by the concept of the party that I thought it's definitely worth a blog entry... Here we go:

From 10 pm to 1 pm the party is a girl's only party... girls will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine to hear some nice dance beats and see some naked guys (or what else do you think is the "special animation" at a girl's party) - for two Euros only!
So far so good (and I still like the concept)...

AFTER 1 am guys are allowed to enter the nightclub. Well, guess what they'll find there? A bunch of drunken girls that were just so sexed up they'd probably shag everything that kind of looks like a man (and still: great concept - for both sexes!).

Why? How can a girl like this concept?! Especially with the big red banner on the poster saying "Atomic Club discriminates" (Men or women? I'm not thaaat sure here.)!

Well, I just think it's a great concept to finally lock the very desperate all together in one room, get them so pissed they won't even know where they are, play some "I wanna f*** you in the a**" (Come on, you know the song!), and there you go - 500 people having the best night for ages.

A shame though they won't be able to remember the day after!!!
(And all she left me was a dirty bathroom... =)


At 10:40 pm, Blogger Mandy said...

That is indeed a weird poster.

I like your earlier pussy picture but have to say I find dogs generally more cuddly than cats.


At 3:37 pm, Blogger Kala said...

That was a funny and interesting blog - surprisingly how sex sells/promotes so easily - its like my blog on a fashion show - rent a bed, get free moet!
Guess Fashion Show

At 4:29 pm, Blogger nebel said...

I'm sorry (or glad?) to say that I do not, in fact, know the "I wanna f*** you in the a**"-song.

Maybe I should get out more...

At 9:57 pm, Anonymous vird said...

Smacks heisst der Frosch von Smaks, ist doch ganz einfach, lieber gleich den Papa Pascal Fragen ;)

At 9:07 pm, Blogger Sam said...

What an eye-catching poster! LOL -
I think it's a good idea to learn to drink in moderation, and then you can go tothings like this and just have fun!

At 10:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

warum haben sie ihre blog uuf englisch?? Ich will deutsch learned und jetzt fast alle menchen spricht English und dass is ja schade.
Any way your English is veryt good ,nay excellent!!
I gathered that you actually went to this club!!
We dont have any places like that here, we have no entertainment and the judgements are severe.
Bill. happyherbivore@hotmail.co.uk


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