Friday, March 24, 2006

Long time no... blog!

Hey World,

I think I spared you long enough from my unqualified comments, so finally, here's a new entry about... nothing, really... =)

Here's some things that made me happy recently: Gregor was here (yippie yippie) and brought me an iPod shuffle for my birthday (Finally I belong to the cool crowd, too!), PS3-games will be region-free (that means lots of funky Japanese games on my future console), I now have enough money to buy a digital camera (no idea which one yet) and a new mobile (milk-accident with the old one). But one of the best things is that my surprisingly surprising boyfriend booked a cottage in Cornwall for us... we'll be there on Easter for whole 4 days!!! (I'll post some pictures that I'll take with my new camera) =)))

Some things were baaad: Gregor left Saarbr├╝cken again (sniff), I had (and still have) a cold (again!), I'm still addicted to chick's lit (no, actually that's a fun thing =), I didn't blog for aaages...

I don't want to depress you, so I'll leave that section without mentioning the REALLY depressing stuff.

Anyway... world, I missed you, so believe me, you'll read more of me - maybe even today!

Watch out for more blogging,


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