Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's getting serious!

Wohoooo, my decision on finding the perfect digital camera for me is (ALMOST) made...
It's (most) definitelty going to be a Casio Exilim. Either the S600 or the Z600.

Both very nice, very small and slim and about the same price.

It's just hard to decide for one, because the specifications are almost the same, except the S600 takes movies in MPG4-quality and therewith compresses them much better then the Z600 (S600 can fit about 1 hour on 1 GB, Z600 only 15 min). Therefore, the Z600 has a bright screen of 2,7" - WOW! The S600 only has 2,2".

Both are available in nice colours though, I think I'll go for blue, no matter which camera it will be. Both are extremely stylish and soooo nice to look at... =)

Well, if anyone of you should have recommendations are knows how to choose between them, please let me know!

(ALMOST) shooting,


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