Friday, March 10, 2006

Part-time Partners...

Hey all you long-distance-relationship-partners out there,

you know what I'm talking about...
There you go, you found the love of your life, and he lives in another city, country, maybe even continent. And you're... well... here.

As soon as you visit each other, everything is perfect.
Every minute, even second is precious, and you feel great - for 5 days or so. And then? You're thrown back into reality, all-day life without HIM.
Suddenly it feels awkward to go out with your couple-friends. Let's see: "Do wanna go to the cinema tonight? Jushua & Tanja are coming, Louise & Peter, Sandy & Stephan, ... Would you (singular!) like to join?" - "Well, I'd rather noooot. Thanks anyway."
Things like that were fine some days ago when HE was there, but now you suddenly feel terrible, all alone, and get sick of couply couples.

So you end up spending more time with your single friends, feels much nicer. Why? Because you're not just a part-time partner, you're also a part-time single. Let's face the truth: You're a single WITH a partner.
That means you're longing to be loved like they are, too, but you need that special person. HIM, and nobody else. (That means no chatting somebody up in a bar, limited flirting and a constant thinking of "Wouldn't it be nice if HE was here?")

Well, I don't want to complain, of course you're lucky to have found that special somebody, other people will search their whole life for somebody like that.
And it's awesome when you get little gifts (Whoopee! Got a package last week!) and mails and phone calls... and to fall in love with HIM... every single time you see HIM you realise how wonderful this relationship is, and how worth it is to fight for it.

Still, it's hard. Why? You don't get a hug when you need one, you don't get a kiss when you want one... There are lots of small things happening over the day and you can't remember all of them on the phone in the evening. And HE can't be a part of it...
Ugh, it's all tough, but always remember why you're doing it: Because you love HIM. It sounds very soppy, I know. But seriously, that's the reason why you're doing all this. And why you're strong enough to go through this.

I hope for all of you that you have supportive friends and families that help you through the hard times without HIM.

Only a few nights alone now... =)


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