Thursday, February 09, 2006

Paris Pics

Hey guys and girls,

since my mobile is broken (a long and painful story for both of us - my mobile and me), I can't include my pics here. =(
Gregor already downloaded his photos, so I can at least show you some of them (They're much cooler than mine anyway!)

Here we are in front of Notre Dame (that's the partial building behind the Smilies =)

This is my favourite place in the world - in front of St. Eustache...

My favourite man in the world sharing secrets with my favourite statue...

Gregor in front of the Louvre pyramid.

Well, I wasn't allowed to take pictures with the REAL one... Pas des photos, pas des photos!!! (I Euro for everytime we heard that! =)

Uh, did I mention that I LOVE Arcades? Why don't we have them in Germany???

So much for first pictures of Paris (Aren't we cuuuute? I love us!)... I'll go home now and reminisce (all alone... =( )

A wonderful day to all of you,


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