Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Penetrative Seminar

Hey there,

wow - things you learn from seminars are... wow!
Just had my seminar on "Content Management Systems", and guess what was the topic for today: BLOGS!!!

Wohoo, I thought, there's something I like! Great!
So I put away the book that I brought in case it might not be interesting (erm, I never did some private stuff in a lecture before, seriously, never!!! *keepingfingerscrossed*), and guess what was the conclusion?

"Blogger is the second best platform to publish posts (sounds good so far) for desperate, depressive and lonesome people (mostly girls) who basically talk about nothing. They're designing blogs with lurid colours."

Hello?!?!?! I soooo object to that! *protestprotest*

I mean, I am a girl (Even if people keep telling me that I'm not as female as other girls, thanks again! Punch you later!) - ok for that. And well, yeah, maybe I'm a tiny bit lonesome, and maybe I'm using lurid colours (but nice ones, eh?), but is that a reason to be sooo mean?! *cryingoutdesperately*

Whoops, damn it, guess he's right. =)
(But I'm not talking about nothing! Just something... and maybe anything... but most certainly not nothing!)

Oh, sweet university, tell me more about life! (I didn't mention my last lecture being told about women becoming reasonable for the first time AFTER the age of 35, torturing their men... did I? Oh, all you women's libbers out there, shut up! It was a woman teaching it to us!)

Studying haaaard,


At 1:48 pm, Blogger sablog said...

Heh, someone is blogging about my lecture about blogs. Didn't see that one coming :-). I guess that's the future of teacher evaluation.

By the way, I wasn't talking about when I mentioned "desperate, depressive and lonesome people" (whew, did I really say that? The blogging community is going to hunt me down now... ;-)). Anyway, what I meant was -- things like that one. It crashed my browser twice, so be prepared. Oh, all those poor abused HTML tags... Some even call it "social networking" -- I call it plain ugly and a health hazard. But hey, if it makes 'em happy...

Blogs like yours are certainly something entirely different. features nice templates and the default colorschemes don't cause permanent damage to your eyes :). And of course, most of the blogs here are way more interesting to read than those at


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