Tuesday, February 14, 2006

That's my Flavour!

Just did the test on Tickle and guess what:

"Hmm, you taste of Cinnamon!

Mmm ... cinnamon! Fiery and intoxicating, you add a spicy flavour to a wide variety of dishes from apple pies to pork chops. They don't call you red-hot for nothing! You're passionate and creative, an impulsive person who puts your heart and soul into everything you do. You definitely know how to have fun -- in fact, your adventurous, spontaneous tendencies might even be called explosive. And you're not afraid to speak your mind, either; your hot-blooded nature won't stand for secrecy or repression. You're all about going with your gut feelings, expressing yourself, and living in the now. Exhilarating and intense, you're a truly tasty treat."

Sounds about right, fellas! =)

Sweet dreams,

-> via Vird's weird World


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