Monday, February 20, 2006

Back from my safe place...

There I am, thrown back to my allday life again after spending two wonderful days in the city of my dreams.

I'm not trying to sound mean and awful, but it's horrible being back. (I'm sure that came out the wrong way... =)
Two days to wander around the streets I've been to with Gregor three weeks ago just took my brain off all the thoughts it had to deal with over the last months, even a bit from feeling alone (ironically - I've been there by myself).

My safe place (told you about it earlier) helped a lot:

But now I'm back, still trying to fight reality... being defeated... more and more every day...
Until, in three and a half weeks, my knight is coming to save me. =)

Au revoir Paris, ne m'oublie pas!


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